CBC Radio-Canada

Open Letter

Mr. Bernard Lebel
Reporter Radio-Canada

May 7, 2015

Mr. Lebel,

Following my email of April 29, 2015, sent to Mr. Guy D’Aoust, Executive Director of Scout Canada and to you on May 7, 2015, based on their silence regarding the proposed alliance, it is clear that the giant Goliath (Scout Canada) has lost the ability to express himself before little David, promoter of the Baden Powell Virtual Scout Palace Project.

Consequently, Mr. Lebel, because of your passivity and your lack of commitment since the beginning, in 2007, year of the celebrations of the World Scouting’s Centenary and according to the information received through the years regarding this positive project, and after reading Mr. Guy D’Aoust’s letter, received by email on April 8 (I presume that you have read it), I gave it to you in your office on April 16, it is obvious that you had never supported this charitable project that has a Christian value although you had the privilege and the opportunity to get acquainted with it. No doubt it created a good controversy between Scout Palace Inc. and Scout Canada. As a Reporter, you should inform the public and shed some light on this topic and help me to obtain the support that you required during my short visit.

Therefore, I believe that I had been misled by Radio-Canada that announced on television that they support creators (entrepreneurs). Consequently, because of your lack of skills in this matter, you have failed from the start in 2007, to inform the general public of the Virtual Baden-Powell Scout Palace Project. Therefore, this scoop will be offered to your competitor TVA, before presenting it in the social medias. I hope that there will be no tentacular camaraderie like the one I experienced from the start. All this is due to some prejudice created by Mr. Nolan, then Executive Director of Scout Canada, with some defamatory statements about me. You were aware of them and took part in them. This created a boycott that had an impact on the people in charge of the local press, the Association of former scouts, the politicians, the Chamber of Commerce, the Office of Tourism, etc. in the Sport Oasis BP of Lake Temis, i.e. from the lower St-Lawrence River to northwestern New-Brunswick.

Honestly, Mr. Lebel, because of your cowardice and the fact that you did not give enough information to the journalists of Radio-Canada, I have to suffer the consequences. It was not wise to act like this. In light of these facts, I think that there has been a scam in 2008 when I asked you to call Mr. Nowlan and Mr. Rob Stewart of Scout Canada and Boy Scout Canada. During a meeting a few days after that discussion, you told me that you had spoken to them. Since I did not want to embarrass you, I refrained from asking you what you said about this subject.

To conclude, according to my perception of the events that took place through the years regarding the Virtual Baden-Powell Scout Palace Project, it is obvious that because of your apathy toward me, Radio-Canada, because of the circumstances, had not kept their word, when they said that they support entrepreneurs, thereby depriving Scout Canada of important monetary profits that would foster the development of Canadian youth. Consequently, because of their lack of understanding, some profits will be given to other humanitarian organizations like World Vision, Doctors Without Borders, and so on.

It is deplorable that that proposed alliance ends like this because of the malice of the people with whom I was not able to reason because of their sin. According to Webster’ Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary: malice, a desire to see another suffer that may be fixed and unreasonable. To reason: to talk to another so as to influence his actions or opinions. No hard feelings!


Donald G. Plourde
Promoter of the Baden-Powell Virtual Scout Palace