Historic Pantheon

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the historical Pantheon!


This historical Pantheon has been created to recognize some extraordinary people who have done something out of the ordinary. The main criteria for admission are courage, patience and perseverance (CPP). They produce the tenacity that fosters an optimistic and positive attitude toward various life experiences.


The idea for this Pantheon came after I heard the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on CBC/Radio-Canada, on December 24th, 2013, regardingMr. Claude Robinson’s victory concerning his copyright ownership. Mr. Robert and Mrs. Olave Baden-Powell have been inducted into the Pantheon as the royal couple of the Virtual Baden-Powell Scout Palace. The honor of the first inductee goes to Mr. Claude Robinson because he went to a historical ordeal that is well documented. It is also a heroic and exemplary experience that inspired me to create this Pantheon. Mr. Robinson has been admitted to Pantheon on the basis of the above-mentioned qualities, thereby producing the tenacity necessary to reach the desired goal as stated in the Tenacity Parchment available at the BP Store of the Palace. Mr. Robinson, author of "Robinson Curiosity", obtained justice after a fierce legal battle that lasted 18 years and cost him more than 5 million dollars for the copyright ownership of his visual and literary creative work that has been plagiarized (stolen) in 1995 the owners of Cinar Company, namely Ronald Weinberg, the late Micheline Charest and Christophe Izard of France Animation.


I am pleased to inform you that the first 10 members of the historical Pantheon are part of the famous Game of Kim of the Pantheon (observation and memorization game). It is supplementary to Kim’s Game of the Scout BP Palace, as explained in Kim’s Game article. You may view this Pantheon in various public places, namely hotels, airports, and so on and read the biography on the Internet, to your edification. The Pantheon will add three new members per year. They will be first announced on TVA Nouvelles. If you wish to apply for 2016, please go to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  .


Please note that the other eight inductees to the historical Pantheon are as follows: Mrs. Mylene Paquette who rowed across the Atlantic alone, and posthumously my friend, Mr. Yvon Durelle, the boxer who came out of the sea, Pastor Martin Luther King Jr., Mr. Alexander Fleming, Mr. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the epitome of altruism, Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, and Mr. Ray Kroc (McDonald’s).


These beautiful collection certificates of the historical Pantheon and of Baden-Powell Scout Palace may be ordered in three different formats, namely 14” x 18” for $179.99 $, 15.56” x 20” for $189.99, 18.66” x 24” for $199.99.They are laminated and have the official frame of the Scout Baden-Powell Palace. They are on sale at the Palace’s BP Store to help the inductees and some charitable organizations.


Proceeds from the sale of the collection certificates of the Pantheon will be divided as follow: $50 for the inductees, namely Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Paquette. The money will be given once a year at the beginning of January. For the posthumous inductees, the $50 will be given as mentioned below. The money of the Pantheon’s royal couple will be given to Scout Canada. However, a representative of Scout Canada will need to accept the invitation to take the avalable seat on the Baden train, as stated in the letter of August 20 to guy D'Aoust. Otherwise, the money will be given to World Vision because, according to God, every worker is entitled to a wage; $25 will go to Scout Palace Inc., a non-profit society and $15 per certificate will be collected for the first draw which will be held during a festival on the Lake Témis BP-sportsoasis territory, in 2017. It will be the first big draw of the various certificates accumulated. One of them will be chosen for the semifinal and will be drawn among the finalists of the various certificates.


In addition, for only $50, you may order an 8.5" X 11" souvenir certificate of your choice. It will be sent by email, and you could laminate and frame it. This will make you eligible to the above-mentioned draw. Proceeds from the sale of the certificate will be divided as follow: $25 for the inductees or their foundations, $10 to Scout Palace Inc. and $15 accumulated for the draw.



In summary, for Mr. Durelle, the money will be given to the Yvon Durelle Museum and to his family. Pastor King’s money will go to ADRA Canada/an international humanitarian organization of the SDA Church in Canada. For Mr. Fleming, the money will be donated to the Edmundston Hospital Foundation. However, on this day, August 7, 2014, because of the lack of interest of the foundation's manager, Mr. Edward Dubé, the money will be given to the international humanitarian agency, Doctors without Borders, via the Montreal sector. Mr. Mandela’s money will be sent to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Mother Teresa’s money will go to the Charity Mission, the money for Mr. Graham Bell will go to the Children’s Dream Foundation in the BP Oasis sector, and the money of Mr. Ray Kroc will go to the Ronald MacDonald Foundation providing that it is invested in the economy of the BP Oasis sector.



Institutions interested in joining Kim's Game concept to entertain their customers and decorate their institution should send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The cost of menbership is $2999,99 to obtain this art collection of 20 in x 25 in nedeed for the game. As explained elsewhere in the project, it is self-financing from alpha to omega by the player payer. For each game played in your institution, $5 will be sent back to you annually by Scout Palace Inc., up to the full reimbursement of your purchace. At the time of your purchase, $500 will be sent to the student (salesperson) to help him with the expenses of university studies un medecine or nursing. This also applies to the palliative care students of New-Brunswick's community colleges. However, on this day, August 7, 2014, I must rectify this decision because of the lack of interest of the leader, Mr. Jacques Paul Couturier, Vice-rector of the University of Moncton, Edmundston Campus. Therefore, the $500 will be given to the organization called tp play this role.


Yours sincerely,


Donald G. Plourde