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December 10, 2012


Mr. Robert Nowlan

National Commissioner of the Association des scouts du Canada


Mr. Nowlan:

Finally, I would like to bring to your attention this rectification to the formal notice I received from your lawyer, Mr. Marc Legros, dated June 8, 2007, concerning the Baden-Powell Virtual Palace. You had this formal notice hastily sent to me without consulting any other member of the Association des scouts du Canada, except for Mr. Pierre Desmarteaux, Assistant Director General. At that time, my intention was to do my good deed as recommended by Lord Baden-Powell. I was very surprised to see that you, Mr. Robert Nowlan, did not agree with this concept, as supported by Mr. Rob Steward, director of the Boy Scouts of Canada. As well as Mr. William Cronk, president of the World Scout Committee, who has never replied to a letter of August 20th  2010; he probably went on an excursion in the forest without his compass, got lost and never came back. 

Consequently, you have placed a padlocked fence between me and the Association by creating a negative prejudice against me; you are the one who holds the key to this padlock. This is a nonsense (that which violates the rules of logic). This project was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, World Chief Scout, on July 21st 2009 and in the conclusion of her reply, she stated, "In the meantime, I send my good wished to you for your project’s continuing success."

However, since this project is evolutionary, some parts have been added to it such as the biography of the Palace Induction Certificate which relates the story of Abraham's Odyssey and the economic, tourism and humanitarian project called the Lake Témis BP Sports Oasis.

Consequently, in order to better understand the subject, please read the formal notice first and then the rectification in second place. The section from A to B concerns the rectification of the formal notice.

A-The address for the scoutpalace.org site has been changed to scoutpalace.org, not because it was similar to yours, but simply due to a combination of circumstances.

So, upon request from your lawyer, Mr. Marc Legros, the following sentence was added to the BP Scout Palace section: "The Internet site you will be visiting is neither sponsored, nor endorsed, nor financed by the Association des scouts du Canada."

This site is completely transparent in order to satisfy all the Net surfers who could believe, as you do, that I am a dishonest man as suggested by the defamatory comments you have put forward. Logically, people tend to think that everyone thinks like them. If you are sincere and honest, you believe that everyone is like you, therefore you trust your fellow man. And if you are a hypocrite and dishonest person, you believe that other people are like that too, thus you distrust everyone.

I agree with this point: "that the project is commendable". Consequently, why did you act as you did by slandering me? By sending these slanderous comments, without my knowledge and with the purpose of harming my reputation, to the Mayor of Edmundston, Mr. Gérald Allain, to the Honourable Herménégilde Chiasson Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, as well as to other people.

It is also absurd to claim that the Association des scouts du Canada is the only one who has the right to speak on behalf of the boy scout movement. Accordingly, what about the 100 million former scouts who are still alive and who have spoken about the scout movement during the 1907-2007 Centennial? Consequently, this 1969 law of the Parliament of Canada has become null and void in 2007. This was not the vision of the founder, Robert Baden-Powell, that a group of individuals could monopolize or control the scout movement for their own personal purposes. It is appalling these days to see that the movement has drifted away from the BP philosophy which was more focused on the respect for our fellow human beings, the teachings of the Creator's work through nature, as well as the 10 moral laws for a better world which cannot exist without them.

Concerning the permission: Logically, during the time I was a scout, no scout would ask permission to make a gadget because we preferred making it as a surprise for our chief. Now that I am a former scout (Once a Scout, Always a Scout), why should I have to ask permission to make this gadget (project) that is so favorable to the global scout and guide movement?

B-In life, the lawbreaker never asks permission to do his misdeeds. So, why should the benefactor have to ask permission to do his acts of generosity, since this project is positive and good for the entire global scout movement, why would anyone act negatively towards it? The founder, Robert Baden-Powell, would certainly not be very proud of you and those who act like you!

In conclusion, since you are speaking as Commissioner of the Association des scouts du Canada, it would be appropriate and totally reasonable for the Association to address appropriate excuses to me concerning your written slanderous comments, by doing what is explained in Biography. "Therefore, the appropriate procedure to rectify this prejudice would be to publicize your apologies in the following newspapers in New Brunswick: Le Madawaska, Info Weekend, Acadie Nouvelle, Étoile Provinciale as well as Infodimanche in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec." This would be done by a press release sent before March 2013 on behalf of the Association des Scouts du Canada, to Mayor Cyrille Simard to be presented at a Council meeting.

Consequently, I am asking the Association des scouts du Canada to reconsider the BP Scout Palace project, without prejudice, in order to make an objective judgement on the subject. Also, in order to satisfy you, the image of Baden-Powell on the certificates will be replaced (exept for the one on BP Scout Palace certificate) by a photo of my father, Baptiste Plourde (BP), my first scout, unless the Association prefers that I leave the Baden-Powell image in order to further promote the boy and scout movement as well as Lord Robert Stephensen Smyth Baden-Powell as the founder of world scouting. In principle, an affiliation between the Association des scouts du Canada and Scout Palace In. should soon be a reality since the association doesn't have any reason to refuse. I look forward to an answer from you before the end of March 2013.

Consequently, on the basis of facts and in all logic, it is obvious that you behaved unconsciously without thinking of the consequence of these defamatory allegations about me which, without a doubt, have damaged my reputation. But being a Christian at heart, I must reassure you that in all snicerity, I bear no resentment or grudge against anybody. I would like this opportunity to thank you for having given me the impulse to churn the cream which has resulted into this great economic, touristic and humanitarian project. According to Mr. Rino Pelletier, Executive Director of Enterprise Madawaska for more than 30 years, the entire project is a masterpiece. This Baden-Powell project would probably have been accepted by Scout Canada if it had been signed by Allison McCain. 

Yours truly,

Donald G. Plourde

President Scout Palace Inc., a non profit corporation/BP-sportsoasis Inc.

Promoter scoutpalace-BP.org/BP-sportsoasis.com

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