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Dear Internet Users,

Here is a brief outline of some problems encountered while preparing this great and wonderful project.

The purpose of this site is to sell certificates in order to help the financial situation for the boy and girl scout movement on a global scale. However, the persons in charge of the Canadian Scout Associations have refused an affiliation with Scout Palace Inc., which is associated with BP Sportsoasis Inc., without giving me the true reason for this refusal. For all that, the director of the Scouts Association of Canada, Mr. Robert Nowlan, chose instead to morally lapidate me in public. I want to inform him that it was not necessary to smear my reputation.

However, we should not ignore that, unfortunately, the president of the Former Scouts and Guides Association of the time, Mrs. Gertrude (Gert) Levesque Michaud, became a supporter of my opponent, by creating a boycott within the Association regarding the events of the World Scouting Centennial that I organized. This created some problems for me. When we live in a society in which there are many far-reaching networks of fellowship, one person says to the other: "Mr. Robert Nowlan, Director of Scout Canada, has installed a bullet in his ankle as for a thug in an attempt to hinder him." Nevertheless, it was somehow a GD and this has helped me tremendously to plan and develop this project, especially, this good controversy concerning In short, I turned something negative into something positive, despite this bullet.

Consequently, my detractor obviously expressed slanderous remarks with the purpose of harming me and making me abandon this project. In 2006, this project consisted in organizing festivities for the former boy and girl scout association in this region for a special occasion, namely the 1907-2007 World Scouting Centennial. Also included was a certificate for induction into the Baden-Powell Virtual Scout Palace for former boy and girl scouts throughout the world. On February 23, 2007, I sent my project to the French Scout Association in Canada, and the first to receive it was Mr. Pierre Desmarteaux, General Director Assistant and that is when the problems started. Therefore, as you can see, the project has very much evolved since then. The only person who openly encouraged me in this project since 2006 is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Chief Scout of the World. She answered my letter dated July 21, 2009, which you may read in the “DP Echo journal” section, and closed by saying: “In the meantime, I send my good wished to you for your project’s continuing success.”

I have also met with certain mayors during the summer of 2010 and they have told me that my project is feasible and very interesting. These mayors are: Mr. Michel Morin from Rivière-du-Loup, Mr. Jacques Asselin from Cabano and Mr. Claude Lavoie from Dégelis in Quebec.

However, both mayors of my municipality, including former mayor at the time of the World Scouting Centennial, Mr. Gérald Allain, former scout and school principal, and his councillors, have inadvertently neglected to take me seriously and to verify certain defamatory utterances about me (slander) and, through their inertia, became accomplices to those lies. When I met with Mr. Allain for the first time regarding this project, he asked me if I was working under the head of an association such as the Foire brayonne and I told him: I prefer to keep my hat on instead of getting head lice (other people’s problems). It is much more intelligent to put spices in my stew (project) as I please, in the same manner as a chief cook adds spices as he pleases in order for his stew to be a success. You must not ignore that many projects have been aborted and destroyed because of certain stakeholders who wanted to add their grain of salt. The moral of this story is: sometimes it is better to work alone in order for your stew to be a success (project).

When I met Mr. Allain for the second time, he showed me a number of letters and emails received from Mr. Robert Nowlan and he acted like a displeased school principal who has just caught a student misbehaving. So, after having briefly read these documents, I was stunned to realize that Mr. Allain seemed to accept these as the truth coming from a supreme judge. This being the case, I didn’t think that it would be worth it to discuss with someone whose view of me is so skewed. I didn’t feel that I should explain myself to him, as God alone is my judge. Consequently, following a meeting—for which I had to wait two years—with subsequent Mayor Jacques Martin on June 17, 2010, I learned that he had adopted the same prejudice against me; he told me that I was fighting giant Goliath. I responded by saying that the Bible teaches us that David was victorious thanks to God. Mr. Martin informed me that if I was to persist with this project, the Canadian Scout Association would be sending another letter and that the police would place me under surveillance and then put me in prison. I quickly realized that I was losing my time trying to reason with a former Scout Leader and municipal police officer. I concluded that he was talking nonsense and adding nothing to the discussion, so I left. I got into this battle by believing that God would also find justice for me, because I believe that truth must always prevail over lies.

I am carefully keeping copies of this slander, given to me by a Good Samaritan, an intelligent man with good judgement. These remarks were sent to me by email and through postal mail, dated June 22 and July 11, 2007, by Mr. Robert Nowlan. These documents were accompanied by a formal notice addressed to me and without my knowledge, to the Edmundston Municipal Council, to Honourable Herménigilde Chiasson, provincial Scout Chief, and to others with malicious intent. I have still not replied to this formal notice because it would not be logical to start a legal squabble on such a subject. They are trying to bring down this project by using their image as well as their logo as an excuse. As a former scout, it is my right to use this Baden-Powell image on my last gadget, as specified in the letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and regarding the logo, you can check and the one with the Star of David belongs to the BP Scout Palace.

For the purpose of this project, I have also used the maple leaf seen on the Canadian flag for the Oasis logo, as well as the Turin Shroud on the “Credo de la foi” scroll, used for the Kim’s game played inside, stamped with the face of Jesus Christ, Savior of humanity when he crossed through the shroud as proof of His resurrection. As such, I have no problems with the federal government nor the Vatican. I do believe that the reason for all these problems is that I refused to associate with them to develop the Baden-Powell Virtual Palace, when they are the ones who should have accepted to affiliate themselves with me in the proposed concept. Instead, they wanted to take over my project while ignoring me, as explained in the letter sent to Mr. Pierre Desmarteaux, assistant general manager , on March 21, 2007.

For the aforementioned reasons, therefore, here is the proof that these slanderous remarks towards me, made through insinuation (according to the dictionary, "an unpleasant hint or suggestion of something bad"), have affected my reputation. At the age of 63, I have gone from being considered an honest man by the population to a dishonest one, a crook. Overnight, I was boycotted by certain boy and girl scouts of the region, the municipal council, and the local media; they all pointed a finger at me just because Robert Nowlan made that slander towards me.

At a meeting in early June 2010 with acting mayor Mr. Jean-Guy marquis, he informed me that these same slanderous letters had been presented the previous week during a full meeting. In your opinion, isn’t this pure maliciousness? The dictionary defines malicious as something that is “characterized by malice; intending or intended to do harm to someone”). It is therefore obvious that three years later, this ball and chain has left a trace that is still there even today.

Consequently, on this day of December 10, 2012, after 5 years of thought and consideration, it’s obvious that these slanderous comments are a bandit’s ball and chain locked at my ankle, which I have been constantly dragging since then. The only person who has the key to take it off is Mr. Robert Nowlan. He has refused in 2007 to apologize, using the excuse that I was spreading disinformation and creating confusion in town. But it was quite the contrary, since the confusion started when Mr. Nowlan used the media to spread disinformation, which is defined in the dictionary as “using information-based technology, namely mass communication media, to mislead, hide or distort the facts”. Mr. Nowlan took advantage of people’s naivety to make them believe that I am a criminal. BELIEVE -1- Make, let people believe sth.: do, suggest a false thing. 2- Make believe: wrong. Version Petit Robert. This article appeared in Le Madawaska newspaper on February 13, 2008, and was written by journalist Christine Thériault, who had become an accomplice by ignorance of the facts.

However, at that time, everyone knew that I was organizing, with the help of my wife, the Scout and Guide Promise Renewal as recommended by the World Scouting Association. This renewal was held at sunrise on August 1st 2007 at the location that is now the site of the new construction of Manoir Bellevue near the Trans-Canada Highway, of which you can see the commemorative photo. In addition to a meeting on August 5th held at the Convention Centre to highlight the World Scouting Centennial and the inauguration of the Baden-Powell Virtual Scout Palace.

So, after 5 years of being sulked and mocked by people involved in the community, it is obvious that these slanderous comments have left their mark towards me. In spite of everything, by the grace of God, I have succeeded in completing my project. It was presented at a press conference on April 17, 2012. Consequently, due to these circumstances, I am asking Mr. Robert Nowlan, Secretary and General Manager of Scout Canada, to withdraw these slanderous writings towards me and clear my reputation. This is in regard to the email sent on June 22nd, 2007 at 1:38 p.m. as well as the letter sent to Hon. Herménégilde Chiasson, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick and Provincial Scout Chief. Also the email dated July 11, 2007 at 3:48 p.m. sent to the office of Mayor Gérald Allain.

Therefore, the only way to rectify this harm that was done to me is to apologize through the following newspapers: Le Madawaska, Info Weekend, Acadie Nouvelle, provincial Étoile and the Infodimanche from Rivière-du-Loup, Québec.

Consequently, this is as much an affront to all of the one hundred million other former scouts as it is to me, since they may have met the same fate. Don't you think this is a blatant lack of respect toward former scouts the world over? And all of this happened because I organized a number of events during the World Scout 100th Anniversary and wished to improve the scout’s situation throughout the world by selling certificates as well as certain royalties on the sale of franchises of the new Donald Ployerie chain of restaurants.

I had to take six months off in order to recover from being so badly treated; however, by the grace of God, they did not succeed in discouraging me. Fortunately, I have the necessary attributes as explained in the CPP formula which can be found on the BP Palace Prayer scroll. I then used this time to reflect before jumping back into the fray, as explained on the Tenacity scroll of the BP Sportsoasis Palace link. During autumn 2007, I met with Mr. Zoël Dionne, a lawyer, who informed me that I could start legal proceedings against Robert Nowlan. However, as it is, I would rather spent my time and money continuing to develop my project, rather than trying to force young Canadian scouts to do various fundraising activities to finance the Canadian Scout Association’s legal proceeding fees. So, I think it would be more logical for them to spend that money on outdoor recreational excursions offered by the Lake Témis BP Sportsoasis.

So, for those people who have taken the time to view the entire project, you may give your opinion, by clicking on positive or against by clicking on negative. In the words of Baden-Powell, "Once a Scout, Always a Scout."


In all sincerity, is this project positive or negative in your opinion?



Donald G. Plourde