The certificate for the drawing of the “Tenacity” scroll, sold for $25, will be shared as follows: $15 to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA), Quebec Federation of Olympic Boxing (QFOB) and $10 to Scout Palace Inc.


On a beautiful summer’s day, a toad king decided with his frog queen to leave their natural pond to explore the area. They took a well-trodden path on which they found a large basin. When they attempted to look inside, they fell in. While wriggling about, the toad asked his queen, “What is this unusual substance?” The frog answered: “Cream. This liquid is too difficult to swim in or even float on. It’s not even worth trying to get out; it’s just too much! I prefer giving up.”


“No, don’t,” replied the toad. “Don’t stop paddling around. Come on, take heart! Have some courage, patience, and perseverance (CPP). We never know what the future holds for us…”


“No, I can’t,” said the frog. Giving in to despair, she was swallowed up by the cream and drowned.



Though saddened by the loss of his queen, the toad continued to paddle around with all his might. He would try to climb the sides of the basin only to slip back down. Then he would try again, without losing heart. The courageous toad kept churning the cream with all the energy he could muster.


“I don’t want to drown,” he told himself. “Come on, a little more courage, even if I’m exhausted. With a little more work, I can survive, a few minutes more…” And he continued to wriggle his legs despite the weariness overcoming him and weakening him more and more. The toad seemed to be close to death.


Suddenly, an extraordinary thing happened. The cream had become thicker, so much in fact that the toad’s legs were no longer sinking into it. Now he could stand on a solid foundation. “Phew,” the toad exclaimed while taking a deep breath. He looked around the inside of the basin and realized that he had turned the cream into butter thanks to his courage, patience, and perseverance (CPP). “I’m sitting here on a block of butter. Thank God!”


So, the moral of this story: when you find yourself in a difficult situation, perhaps even an impossible one, just follow the toad’s example of tenacity and you’ll be able to overcome obstacles.


Interpretation by the promoter, Donald G. Plourde, based on the original text