Faith's Creed

The certificate for the drawing of the “Faith’s Creed” scroll, sold for $25, which will be shared as follows: $15 to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA), Quebec Federation of Olympic Boxing (QFBO) and $10 to Scout Palace Inc.


My child, who do you think you are?


Are you finished doubting my love and my fidelity?


It is I, who is God, your creator.


Why do you keep trying to replace me,


To want to solve your own problems,


That sometimes you create yourself,


In addition to those happening by the circumstances of life?


You ask me to take charge of your problems-


Health, finances, business, love and others-


Then you act as if you haven't asked me anything.


You try to solve by your own means


Your problems as well as those of everybody,


As if I did not exist.


Who do you think you are?


Be sincere and honest towards yourself


When asking me something.


Let me act at a time when


I consider it to be favourable to you,


Between the time I answer your prayer


And the time necessary for you to prove your faith.


Be courageous, patient and persevering- (CPP)


Those are some essential virtues that will be agreable to me.


Live with the hope of seeing the realization


Of what you ask of me.


Do not intervene in the exercise of my functions.


All you have to do is to trust me and have the faith of obtaining


What tou have asked me, as if you had already received it.


Do not forget to thank me in advance for taking your problems.


I, God, do not forget your prayers, for I am a God of love,


So I owe you fidelity for your faith.


But when you act at my place, I let you free


Until I am certain you fully trust me;


Then, I will fulfill you.


Do not forget, I am God.


Content yourself of being a docile son, a docile daughter.


Act through your life with good sense and intelligence, Job 28:28


By listening to the voice of your counscience (your heavenly Father).


My child, now, who do you think you are?


With the love of God,


Your brother in faith.



Author: Donald G. Plourde.