Water Of Life

The certificate for the drawing of the “Water of Life” scroll, sold for $25, will be shared as follows: $15 to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA), Quebec Federation of Olympic Boxing (QFOB) and $10 to Scout Palace Inc.


My child,


There is always a place for you at the fountain.


Without any invitation, you come along


And I share water with you


As much as you need


In order to quench your thirst.


(Revelation 21:6)


My child,


There is always a place for you under the sun


That gives freely to you his luminous rays


In order to dissipate the darkness and share his warmth with you


When you work the land and breathe the air of the countryside.


Because of water, you harvest wheat


In order to nourish yourself.


My child,


There is always a place for you


In the garden of Eden where I will be with you forever.


Why wander to your perdition during your life?


Do not forget the most important precept of your Creator-


Love- because without love there is no possible life.


The same is true for water, that you must drink for living.




My child,


For your greatest happiness


Act with wisdom and intelligence Job 28:28


In accepting this invitation


To drink freely at my fountain of water of life


In order to become inhabitant of this wonderful garden


Where you will be able to eat the fruit at the tree of life


As well as its foliage for your healing


In order to live eternally.


Aboard my liner baptized Christ


For a wonderful trip


On that river of water of life


With my son Jesus as captain


So as to lead you


To a safe harbour (paradise) (Revelation 22:1)



Sincerely yours,


Donald G. Plourde, author





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The “Water of Life” scroll certificate, sold for $15, which will be shared as follows:  $5 to the Oasis Scout sector and $10 to the Scout Palace Foundation Inc.