Scout Palace Baden-Powell


Dear readers,

Please note that when you go to the Web Site, you will see that some funds have to be distributed to promote the development of the young scouts of Canada. However, at the time of the transition of this project to the Historical Pantheon of World Boxing, and being a true boxer and because of my personality, I will never take off the gloves and give up on this wonderful charitable project.

Therefore, since the management of Scout Canada does not want to take part in this charitable project and because of my love for a well-trained and well-organized youth, I would rather give this money to assist the youth of Boxing Canada, to which I belonged after my years in scouting. These were two different seasons of my life that are etched in my memory thanks to the protection of the God of the Bible. Who is He? The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who became Israel (Yaweh), the Creator God, the true God of the chosen people, the Jews from whom came Christianity. Considering this important change, the text will be adjusted over the next few days.

As the developer-designer of this project, I am happy to invite you to visit the Store of the Palace (now the store of the Pantheon) and to take a look at the colorful picture of God's eye, the three paintings and the six parchments. They are used for the famous game of Kim (observation and memorization game), and also the main tourist attraction of the Sports Oasis of the Republic of Madawaska, as explained in the site at the Pantheon menu and the game of Kim.

I would like to say that this project is totally transparent and the profits gained in the Scout Palace Inc. account (non-profit organization, of which I am president), will be given at the beginning of each year to the boxing associations and federations mentioned in the project of the Historical Pantheon of World Boxing.

Thanks for your understanding and your cooperation. Happy reading!

Yours sincerely,

Donald G. Plourde Developer-designer