Palace Flagpole Lamp



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The base of the lamp is made from the base of the flagpole. On the photo, you will also notice that at the bottom of the lamp, there is Gilwell knot made of leather lacing. My wife made it in 1975, not knowing that in the scouting movement, this knot is associated with high honors. The lamp’s flagpole is a copy of the actual flagpole used during the Centennial celebration for the renewal of the scout oath. The ceremony was done simultaneously on a global scale at sunrise (5 a.m. Canada Eastern standard time) on August 1st 2007.

The certificate for the drawing of the "Palace Flagpole Lamp", sold for $25, will be shared as follows:  $15 go to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA), Quebec Federation of Olympic Boxing (QFOB) and $10 to Scout Palace Inc.