Town Tour with Kim's Game

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Questions of the Town Tour relate to commemorative monuments, various commercial, historical and religious buildings as well as certain signs with the BP Sportsoasis logo. For marketing purposes, the hotel owners of the region will inform their customers about the Town Tour so that interested customers may further enjoy their stay in town by playing Kim’s game.

This $25 commemorative certificate will be shared out as follows:  $15 accumulated for the drawing and $15 to Scout Palace Inc. This drawing will be held during the Dégelis Western Festival in 2016. The commemorative certificate can be framed or laminated. 

So, I would like to wish you a good excursion and, during your journey, don’t forget to take this opportunity to develop your sense of observation and memory while learning historic facts about the town you are visiting.

However, people wishing to participate in the Town Tour will be able to take notes and photos.

Upon arriving at your hotel location or another location, you may order through the Internet your tour guide for the Town Tour Excursion. Consequently, when you have finished your Town Tour, you will purchase your certificate and receive your 10 questions with photos on the subject, each of which offers you a choice of 3 answers. The answers are worth 10 points each and are based on historic facts of the region. You will receive your certificate by email within seven days.  Click here to purchase the certificate and receive the questions.

Looking forward to doing business with you.

Sincerely yours,

Donald Plourde