First Letter to the Queen



September 22, 2010

Open letter to Mr. Rob Stewart

This interpretation is in regards to the letter dated August 20, 2010 which was sent to Mr. William Cronk, President of the World Scout Committee with a carbon copy to Mr. Rob Stewart, Director of the Boy Scouts of Canada Association (see “My Story” link). This letter was sent to the National and Global Scout Movement as in invitation to become partners with BP Sportsoasis Inc., who would then be committed to giving certain sums of money to the Movement to improve their financial situation.

Subsequently, I received a negative reply from the Director of the Boy Scouts of Canada Association on September 18, 2010. It is my perception that the refusal of such an affiliation with BP-Sportsoasis Inc. is a thoughtless and very deplorable decision for the Movement. In view of this reply, I can only conclude that Mr. Rob Stewart has acted incompetently when he made this personal decision without informing the other Canadian scout districts and sectors who, undoubtedly, would have appreciated this help.

Mr. Stewart is probably suffering from navel-gazing syndrome and would greatly benefit from some serious soul-searching. However, as of September 22nd, 2010, I have not received a response from Mr. William Cronk. He must reply to my letter no later than the set limit date of October 18, 2010; otherwise, I will have no choice but to hand over these sums of money to Canadian food banks and certain international humanitarian organizations. 

However, because of my great love for scouting, the royalties from the sale of the Baden-Powell Scout Palace Certificates, as well as from the BP Town Tour will still be given directly to certain scout associations, as explained in Phase 2 "Sharing of profits". Whether you like it or not, that is the way it will be. Once a Scout, Always a Scout.

Consequently, because Mr. Rob Stewart, director of the Boy Scouts of Canada, has refused to collaborate towards the success of this humanitarian project, the door is now open to the public sector. Therefore, any person interested in acquiring a franchise, please contact me by email scout@bp Since I am a scout at heart, I have to respect the divine principles and help my fellow men in order to respect one of the last words spoken by Baden-Power, and I quote: “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.”

And that is the reason for this wonderful humanitarian project!

Donald G. Plourde